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Released 06/21/2016
Released 06/21/2016
Bluesy Rockin' 9 song album recorded fast n' live in the studio
Milagro Saints are about to release their new album “STRANGER TIMES” kicked off by the hard driving harmonica blues rock “SHADOW MAN” as the advance ’single’
The new album has a strong sense of protest and is somewhat angry in response to our current political and environmental climate changes. Lead singer/songwriter SD Ineson’s major influence is Dylan - so it seems appropriate for the band to engage the reality of the times a’changin’.

Shadow Man is graphically about the evils of fracking and the political corporate greed factors that have turned Oklahoma, North Dakota and Alberta, Canada (and quite possibly NC) into earthquake zones thru merciless hydraulic pumping into fractures in their underground geology.

These issues turned into the initial writing for the album and musically came out of SD Ineson experimenting with blues guitar ‘open’ tunings- this genre being the most appropriate sound for protest and dissention.- which also led to the relentless riffs propelling “Shadow Man” Rail Rider and Further Along added to that was guitarist Roberto Morales discovering a 1951 Magnetone lap steel guitar and mashing the hell out of it with punk abandon for his solos.

The majority of the album was recorded very spontaneous and live with the whole band playing together in the same room and several of the lead vocals are first takes.

1. Shadow Man folk blues rock stomp condemning fracking and the 1 % who get the profit
2. Mystery Song enigmatic lyrics sung to an ‘rn’b pop groove influenced by the movie ‘The Third Man”
3. Stranger Times escalating mid-paced blues flavored guitar solo epic about ‘living in stranger times”
4. Deportee rocking’ remake of Woody Guthrie’s moving and visionary ballad deploring the
exploitation of mexican immigrant workers
5, Heart Painted Red - van the man influenced r’n’b folk pop love song!
6. Rail Rider blues riffing gospel-like groove with a mystical hobo as its 1st person character
7. Another Country, cosmic Americana ballad featuring phased mandolin and mellow twang guitar
8. Further Along, Lap steel driven Gothic Americana with dark gospel lyrics and a heavy tom beat
9. Ruby Moon conga, standup bass and slide riffs kick off this celebration of New Orleans swampy soul with a kitchen sink 60’s singalong outro. (Ruby Moon = the moon turns a shade of red just before an eclipse)